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 Clans Board Message

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PostSubject: Clans Board Message   Sat May 10, 2008 2:43 am

This was an announcement for all of the people who would join.
This is the same as it is on the Rakion website. On the clans board:

-"The battlefield bloody, the soldiers torn. War is such a horrid reality. Walking among the dead of your brothers, and occasionally sisters. Seeing the look of pure terror in their faces, turned that way the moment before their demise. Their souls desecrated, hell upon them, demons invading. Death, is what I wish. Death is what I will fight for. Though I will not choose to stop fighting. I wish to confront those Demons, so I can kill them too, after I f*** up some of these d*** creatures that aren't in hell! I... AM... A... BEAST!"

-You need not worry of skill, and not particularly level. The only requirements for level, are that you must have at least one character that is or is over level eleven. Other than that, no level requirements.
-You must be respectful to everyone in the clan, at all times, though you may joke around. (Of course, nothings good without laughter... laugh... c'mon. Hahaha... Hrm, yeah...)
-You must talk!!! RAWR!!! Be funny, or something, don't be boring, as in not talking. Say 'Hello', and just talk to people! Make some friends =).
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Clans Board Message
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